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About company

The fur factory «ELENA PEMIRAL» works in the sphere of making modern upper clothes and fur accessories. The wares, manufactured goods - ELENA PEMIRAL- is a sign of elegance and finesse. The style of goods which our Fur factory represents is furs and accompanying materials of a very high guality and using of the latest scientific and technical achievements going with handmade skills. Each detail is marked by the spirit of creation, is thought of and is made with love and care. Our wares are extravagant and at the same time very practical and a large attendance counted on of any age for all occasions. Our collections are of wide range for customers with different preferences. They are classical and modern. We take into account the individuality of every woman and their tastes. We follow the merging of cultural traditions and contemporary spirit. Oven in goods of simple constructions you can feel not flashy but clear difference luxurious, solemn femininity without any doubt Russian market understanding furs absolutely well can estimate our luxurious highly technological brand. The guality of sewn products is directly related to the purchase of raw materials from proven suppliers. To create the perfect outdoor clothes our factory buys the best fur dressing at the largest fur auctions of the world. The factory directory offers a wide range of fur соats and vests of sable, mink, marten silver fox, mouton, astrakhan and astragalus lynx . We are also ready to offer you Bukhara astrakhan and broadtail amazing splendor with refined patterns and varied palette of colors and finally the pride of the Russian Barguzin sable fur production. The fur factory ELENA PEMIRAL distinguished by the ability to carry out implement all stages of product development – from acguisition of fur raw materials to finished product. In this regard we are able to realise your wildest fantasies whey choosing finished fur product and the manufacture of individual orders. «Each person is unigue and I want to make you different from others not only in eyes and hair colour but also in clothes style.